Julian Jakobsmeyer

Based in Paderborn (Germany) – Working national and international

I started with filmmaking when I was 10 years old.


My father had a Sony VX-1000 DV-Camera and I used every opportunity to take this camera for my purposes.


So I blew up my mom’s flowerpots and produced some pretty neat explosions in our garden. But for me it was all about analysing frame by frame what happens in the moment of an explosion.

Then I decided to shoot „action movies“ with my brothers to put this footage in a proper frame…


Now, 15 years later, I am working as a professional filmmaker and director for television and companies all over Germany and international. I built up my own business.


I still love what I do and I still love to keep moments for eternity. 

Working Abroad

  • Mallorca – Spain
  • Bardu – Norway
  • Muscat – Sultanate of Oman
  • Qingdao – China
  • Instanbul – Turkey
  • Vancouver – Canada
  • New York – USA
  • Boston – USA
  • Atlanta – USA
  • London – England
  • Paris – France
  • Basel – Switzerland

TV Networks

  • ZDF
  • WDR
  • ARTE
  • SF2


  • Paderborn – Der Dokufilm
  • Paderborn – Der Dokufilm II
  • From Raps to Riches
  • Iron Heart
  • Die Ems – Von süß bis salzig
  • Pilgrim

My latest Showreel